Air Conditioning Combi (heating cooling) Control

Air Conditioning Combi (heating cooling) Control

With the Colife Smart Home Automation Systems, your combi boiler and all the air conditioners in your home;

  • Touch panels,
  • From your smartphones,
  • Touch glass switch,
  • Glass thermostat; you can open, close, create scenarios.

To be able to control the boiler and air conditioning;

  • Electrical installations of On-Off pills,
  • They are placed behind the sockets to which the devices are fed.
  • Scenarios for combi boilers and all air conditioners can be created,

One by one,

  • You can run your air conditioners in groups.

Each room's valve is separate from Touch Glass thermostat;

  • The temperature of each room can be individually adjusted.

Energy saving is provided for the rooms that are used less.

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