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Smart Home


CoLife smart home systems are structured in order to make your life easier by providing solutions to your needs in your home. Different solutions are offered to help you to save your time in your busy daily life, to assure your safety, to enhance your comfort and standards and to allow you to reach your home wherever you are in the world.

CoLife smart home system allows you to have comfort, security, remote access, and rational methods of saving. Even if your house is constructed and its installation is completed or you already have started to live in it, with Power-Line automation system you can create the CoLife smart home system without having to destroy your house. If your house is being renovated, again you can realize the automation controls that you need by selecting CoLife Bus automation system or Power-Line automation system with the installation option you desire. You can also connect to your house using the internet and make all the automation controls, watch the inside of your house via the cameras inside, observe the baby sitter, the patient and old people at home, control your child’s watching TV and make any command and control you want.