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With the security system, which is one of Colife’s features, you can control your house’s security and protect it against fire, theft, flooding and gas leakage.
In a fire alarm, which may threaten your safety, CoLife smart home system is activated and gives the alarm information to the site security for the first reaction. The system calls your mobile phone and provides the fire alarm information. If it can not reach you, it calls up to other 5 members of the family and gives alarm information. During this calling process, Colife runs the ventilation to evacuate the smoke in the house, as a caution cuts the electricity of devices, which can cause fire, slows down the fire process and shuts off the gas valve to prevent explosions.
In theft alarm, it makes the alarm sound, gives information to site security center and you. In flooding and gas leakage alarms, it shuts off the water and gas valves so it protects your house against explosions.