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With CoLife smart home systems, you can control 150 fixed or time-dependent scenario and connect daily, weekly, monthly routine tasks to the system. Examples of the scenarios about some issues, which you can experience in your daily life, are as follows. And the scenarios, which are embedded in the system with menus are:

Bye-Bye Scenario
It brings the house to the condition you desire with a single key when you leave your house in the morning.

Welcome Scenario
It brings the house to the condition you desire with a single key when come to your  in the evening.

Other examples of applicable scenarios:
With active safety scenario, when you are not at home, it turns your lights on, open and close your shutters and curtains on pre-defined time intervals as if you are at home. With this feature, a deterrent measure is taken against theft. 

2. With heating and cooling scenarios, the automation system turns on and off your heating and cooling system on pre-defined times in order to reduce heating and cooling costs and to use it in the most efficient way. The automation system also opens and closes the shutter in times when the sun lights reach the house so that the house benefits from the sun’s warmth and the heating expense can be reduced.

3. With romantic and relaxing scenarios, you can create dim rooms with a single key in your lighting systems. For example, during dinner as some part of your lightning is fully bright, other parts can be less bright.

4. With holiday scenario, you can shut off water and gas valves and the shutters, enable the alarm system and turn the lights off. Thus you can go to vacation with a peace of mind. If you forget to turn them off, you can have remote access using telephone and run the scenarios.

5. Even if you do not run the existing scenarios, with the time scenarios, the smart home system can open and close your shutters automatically when you want, irrigate your garden in the evenings, run your pool’s circulating engines once in two days and ventilate your sinks periodically.