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Manage from anywhere

Control using standard telephone and GSM:

Using any standard telephone or mobile phone, you can control Colife Smart Home Automation systems by calling the place where the system is installed. The telephone in the place, where the systems are installed, rings 8 times and you can connect to the smart home system. For a secure login, the system asks the user a password. After the user dials its password, he is directed to voice response system. Using the numbers in the voice response system, the user can control the scenario controls, and alarm enabling/disabling functions. With this feature, you can switch on your heating system and lights, close your shutters and run a variety of pre-programmed scenarios (eg, Prepare the House Prepare scenario). You can even run the electrical devices, which are included in the system (eg, you can run your oven, washing machine, dishwasher and heat water for coffee) . If there is a doubt in your mind when you leave the house (eg, if you have forgotten to set the alarm or if you think that you left the iron working) you can set the alarm using telephone, cut the gas and electricity and control your systems. The control using telephone system also has the feature to provide feedback information to you. In case of a fire, theft, flooding, gas leakage alarm in your house, the control using the telephone system call you and you are not reached at that moment it can up to 5 other members of the family, police and fire department, whose numbers are pre-defined in the system.

Control Using IPhone:
To control the system using Iphone, in  iPhone menus enter "CoLife Automation Control" menu. The user interface, which you can use for computer control, comes and with the guidance of menus you can turn your lights or climates on or close or open your shutters, run any scenario you want. If there are cameras in your house, you can do these jobs in spots, where there is a camera, monitoring your actions.