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Building Automation

Smart Building Systems can collect any information about the building from various sub-systems and take decisions according to this information and implement them.


Today, in modern buildings such as business centers, skyscrapers and residences, with automation it is intended to control the high energy costs and reduce them in this direction. With building automation, the security systems such as building heating and cooling systems, lighting systems, emergency announcement system and emergency exit guidance, input and output controls in the building, fire, theft, water and gas leaks safety systems  are controlled from a single center and building management,; scenarios can be engaged according to the data feeding the system. For example, with a predetermined earthquake scenario, in case of an earthquake:
Emergency announcement system is activated, emergency exit signs lights up, people are directed to emergency exit doors safely, the lights are turned on where lighting is switched off, gas valves are shut off to prevent explosions.
And with the time scenarios, the daily controls, which have to be done in the building, are made by the automation system.