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Today how the weather will be like? Or the road traffic?

I wonder if the bridge is crowded?

On the 7 "touch panel mounted on the screen, you can control the lights, curtains, shutters, heating and cooling systems of your house and can set up theft, fire, flooding, gas leaks alarms as leaving your home. With the intercom feature, you can have video-audio conversations with your guest at your doorstep. The intercom system, which is among residence services, allows you to send reject messages to the reception in case you do not want to talk to your visitor at your doorstep. Using residence services buttons, you can demand services such as cleaning lady, technical service, taxi calling, and building’s employee calling from the reception by and also place small orders such as water and bread. Also, you can see the bills related to your apartment’s heating expenses, read the notes sent to you by the site management, see the daily weather information and road traffic videos  on the touch panel.