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3 "screen with touch panel is a backlight, blue-screen, flush mounted and stylish control panel, which is designed to control the Colife smart home automation and security system products and scenarios, and it can be used instead of manual electrical switch. In demand, it can be used instead of a normal switch in every room.
With 3 "touch panel, the light, shutter, curtain, security control, time-dependent scenarios, welcome and goodbye scenarios and password change operations can be done. When it is not active, touching any point on the surface of 3” touch panel, which bubbles in blue instead of showing the menus, can bring the menus (icons).  Whatever is required to be done; for light the lamp shade icon, for shutter-curtain the shutter icon, for security the lock (security) icon, for time dependent scenarios the clock icon and for password change operations the set-up icon is touched and the related point listed as follow is selected and the control is made.


Light icon: Control of all lights
Shutter icon: Shutter, curtain, roller blind control
Clock Icon: It shows the control of pre-programmed, time-dependent scenarios and the real-time.
Lock Icon: Security and alarm control
Welcome Icon: Welcome scenario control
Bye-Bye Icon: Bye-bye scenario control
Scenarios Icon: control of optional, pre-assigned scenarios
Settings Icon: Password change