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10.4 "touch panel is a backlight, LCD screen, flush mounted and stylish control panel, which is designed to control the Colife security systems and scenarios. Also, the road traffic and the weather information can be monitored, the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge’s road traffic information can be followed. Its Inox framed background image can be changed in demand. The 10.4 "touch panel can be mounted on any wall in your house and it runs on Internet with its easy to use menus and provides almost every advantage that Internet provides.
On the touch panel, light, shutter-curtain, security and alarm, electrical devices and scenarios can be controlled, Internet radio can be listened to, any place using IP camera can be monitored and even controlled while monitoring. The touch panel allows you to see the weather and road traffic conditions without leaving the house and to see the daily exchange rates.

10.4 "touch panel is not just a control panel, it is a platform, which makes your life easier and bring the world to you. Shortly, it is an offer to co-operate with life that is CoLife’s new offer for life.